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The Secret To Sun Tan Hacking

Do you struggle to get a nice sun tan? 

Do you hate when you turn red at the first sight of the sun?

I know how you feel...

... but what if you knew the secret to hacking the body's ability to develop a sun tan?

Would you want to know it?

This is for you if:

  1. You've always wanted a nice tan but you just go red when you try
  2. If you can get a tan, but you always go red first ... and you want to avoid this
  3. If you want a tan for a special reason. Perhaps you are getting married, or you are body building

The Secret To Sun Tan Hacking

Just imagine if you could hack the body's ability to develop a sun tan, so you could tan, almost at will.

A bit like being able to 'download' a tan.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Unfortunately getting more sun isn't the answer, because many of us have to go through the burning first.

Plus there are the risks of sun exposure.


There are two crucial factors for sun tanning

There are two crucial factors involved in your ability to tan

1. Your skin type (whether you are pale, fair, olive or dark);

2. The weather (although we can hit the sunbeds or spend a fortune going on holiday 4 times a year)

Neither of these factors can be controlled or changed.

Just like you I struggled with this.

I wanted a nice tan, even just a little bit of colour.

But like most people, perhaps even you, I resigned myself to being pale.



The secret lays in the tanning process

When I started to look into it I discovered the fundamental secret to how to hack your way to a sun tan.

Here are the basics:

We are all born with a certain skin type and we CANNOT change it, unless you've got any snake-like skin shedding abilities.

But we CAN influence the skin's ability to tan...

Want to know how?

    The answer is buried in the body's natural tanning process.

    So the secret?


    Melanin is produced naturally by the body during a chemical reaction when the skin being exposed to the sun.

    The secret to transforming the body's ability to tan is to boost our melanin, which darkens the pigmentation of the skin.

    When in the sun we produce this melanin, which actually defends us against the sun's UV rays.

    The problem for most of us is that while the body produces this melanin we burn first.

    The lucky ones then go brown.

    The really lucky ones have already built up lots of melanin and are brown to begin with.

    The unlucky ones, like us, just go red and then... white again.

    Let's recap...

    More Melanin = a new ability to tan when in the sun


    How to boost Melanin and hack your way to a golden sun tan

    There are two ways to increase melanin:

    1. The slow way...

    ... by being exposed to the sun (or sunbeds) - but you might be like me and turn red first.


    2. Hack the process with Euro Nasal Tanners, a high strength, 99% purity nasal spray that boost your melanin levels.


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